Publications accepted at CogSci 2024

The Developmental Dynamics Lab and the Theory of Cognitive Systems Group will be contributing to the CogSci 2024 conference program , including 2 organized symposiums, 2 talks, and 3 posters.

  • Gregor Schöner chairs the symposium "How does the sensory-motor brain integrate and give rise to cognition and learning?" with Illiyana Trifonova & John Spencer giving a talk on "A neural dynamic model of auditory word learning and recognition"
  • John Spencer chairs the symposium "Is Deep Learning the Answer for Understanding Human Cognitive Dynamics?" with Raul Grieben & Gregor Schöner giving a talk on "Bridging Dynamic Field Theory and Deep Neural Networks – A model of guided visual attention in natural environments"
  • Ajaz Bhat, John Spencer  & Larissa Samuelson on "Similarity in object properties supports cross-situational word learning: Predictions from a dynamic neural model confirmed"
  • Lea Kati, Daniel Sabinasz, Gregor Schöner on "Interaction of polarity and truth value - A neural dynamic architecture of negation processing" in collaboration with Barbara Kaup from the University of Tübingen
  • Stephan Sehring, Richard Koebe, Sophie Aerdker, Gregor Schöner on "A Neural Dynamic Model Autonomously Drives a Robot to Perform Structured Sequences of Action Intentions"
  • Minseok Kang, Daniel Sabinasz, Gregor Schöner on "A Neural Process Model of Structure Mapping Accounts for Children’s Development of Analogical Mapping by Change in Inhibitory Control"
  • Stacey Stuart, John Spencer on "Testing a dynamic field model of infant visual attention"
  • Raul Grieben, John Spencer, Gregor Schöner on "Visual selective attention: Priority is all you need"